Take Off & Estimate…

Using on-screen takeoff & Micromanager, utilizing the latest and greatest digital technology, Marquis can Takeoff & Estimate your next project, providing you with an on time, accurate & complete scope with possible VE options.

Engineering & Submittals using Microvellum

Using the most innovative & comprehensive catalog based design/engineering software Microvellum allows Marquis to provide the best and the most accurate set of engineering drawings that will allow you to fully understand all millwork details & this will make the approval process extremely easy & swift.

Panel Sizing & Part Tracking

Marquis employees the latest in panel sizing and optimization technology resulting in highest yield in time and material. This technology also provides a scannable barcode label for tracking and identification of all cut parts throughout the plant.

Fully Automated Edge-banding Process

The latest and greatest Edgebanding technology HOMAG See HOMAG in Action! allowing Marquis to provide many different edge treatment options such as PVC, HPL and Hard Wood from .5 MM to 19 MM with automated corner rounding and pre-milling stations resulting in the cleanest and smoothest edge possible.


Marquis employees take pride in quality. We personally see that each labeled and marked piece is assembled to Marquis quality standards. 

Packing and Delivery 

Each Piece of your project will be individually wrapped with corner guards and plastic to protect against damage. Marquis employs its own drivers and fleet of delivery trucks. Upon, request your custom cabinets will be delivered to the job site and placed in a ground floor location. 

Installation and Completion…

Trained, bonded, and insured installers are available to professionally install your custom cabinets. They will unpack, mount, and secure your cabinets to the exact specifications of the project plan. They will remove all packaging and installation material from the site to leave your project in turn key condition. Upon compeletion, our in-house service department is trained to address and complication that may arise during your installation. You will be assigned a project manager who will work diligently to complete any outstanding service issues within a reasonable time frame.